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Health and Safety

Initiatives Aimed at Controlling Working Hours and Achieving a Work-life Balance

The Group not only complies with all applicable labor-related laws and regulations but also strives to provide at all times a healthy and safe work environment for its officers and employees.

The introduction of flextime, in which core hours are set to a minimum and allows employees to work at their most productive times and according to their physical condition, is expected to improve labor productivity. In addition, flextime enables scheduling according to workload, which greatly contributes to improving work efficiency and reducing overtime.

We hope that the self-directed work style of all our employees will help them heighten their awareness of time management, while enhancing their work-life balance.

Management of Occupational Safety and Health

In accordance with the Industrial Safety and Health Act, the Group appoints several health managers and holds monthly health committee meetings with the health management supervisor and industrial physicians to improve the work environment, enabling all officers and employees to work comfortably with peace of mind.

In addition, as a disaster prevention measure, the Group has adopted emergency calls to confirm the safety of its officers and employees, and is enhancing various kinds of disaster prevention-related equipment.

System to Support Employee Health

Health checkups, stress checks and health seminars are held annually.

Stress checks based on the Industrial Safety and Health Act are conducted once a year, and their results are used to set up interviews with industrial physicians.

We are careful to quickly detect not only physical changes but also mental changes, in order to ensure that our employees are not overburdened.

Other benefit programs

  1. Child care and nursing care

    Shortened working hour system, expansion of child-care and nursing-care leave, encouragement of male employees to take child-care leave, etc.

  2. Congratulations, condolences and disasters

    Wedding and childbirth gifts, compensation for injuries and illnesses, condolence money, disaster compensation, birthday gifts, etc.

  3. Self-development

    Establishment of libraries, subsidies for qualification acquisition, subsidies for correspondence courses, subsidies for attendance at external educational institutions, etc.

  4. Recreation

    Establishment of recreational facilities, employee camps, subsidies for the use of sports facilities, etc.

  5. Wealth-building support

    Employee stock ownership plan, defined contribution pension plan, etc.

  6. Award system

    Monthly and annual performance award system, long-service award system, etc.