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The Group considers it its corporate mission “to contribute to enhancement of fair capital competitiveness of the clients (publicly-traded companies, investors and market participants) and the growth of the global economy.” Also, in accordance with its code of conduct for contributing to the development of a fair capital market, the Group helps resolve global ESG issues through its business activities, aiming to realize sustainable capital markets together with its clients, shareholders, employees and all other stakeholders.

Overall sustainability governance
and risk management

To increase our corporate value with respect to sustainability and to strengthen our sustainability promotion structure, in June 2023, we established a Sustainability Committee as an advisory body to the Board of Directors. The committee is chaired by the director in charge of the Administration Department and convenes the heads of major divisions. It deliberates and decides overall sustainability policies, targets and plans, and carries out studies and discussions for implementing plans. The Sustainability Committee reports the content of its discussions to the Board of Directors, which discusses and supervises policies for dealing with the Group’s sustainability risks and opportunities, implementation plans and related topics.


The IR Japan Group contributes to creating a resilient and sustainable society not only by providing ESG consulting services to listed companies but also by having officers and employees of the Group work to reduce environmental impacts.


Recognizing that human resources are essential to sustainable corporate growth, the Group is promoting development of a work environment that considers human rights issues.


The Group has established a governance system and is working to strengthen compliance, risk management and information security.