IR Japan Holdings, Ltd.



The Company will conduct a 2-for-1 stock split for its common shares on August 31, 2018 as a record date, and it aims to enlarge the Company’s investor base and to enhance the liquidity of the Company’s shares by reducing the investment unit of the Company’s shares and by further improving the environment for a broader investor to invest in the Company’s shares.
For fiscal 2018, the Company is currently scheduled to pay ¥12.5 per share as an interim dividend and ¥17.5 per share as a year-end dividend.

FY2018 Forecast (Announced on May. 14, 2018)
1 H-end ¥12.5
Year-end ¥17.5
Annual ¥30

Trend in Dividends per Share

FY2016 Actual FY2017 Actual
Annual ¥40 ¥60
1 H-end ¥15 ¥25
Year-end ¥28 ¥35
Dividend payout ratio 51.5% 65.0%