Dividends (Forecast)

For fiscal 2020, the Company is currently scheduled to pay ¥35.0 per share as the interim dividend and ¥85.0 per share as the year-end dividend.The Company intends to remain flexible going forward, including the purchase of treasury shares, in light of performance trends and other factors.

FY2020 Forecast (Announced on October 30, 2020)
Interim ¥35.0
Year-end ¥50.0
Annual ¥85.0

Trend in Dividends per Share

FY2018 Actual FY2019 Annual
Annual ¥38 ¥70
Interim ¥15 ¥25
Year-end ¥23 ¥45
Dividend payout ratio 69.3% 51.0%

*The Company carried out 2-for-1 stock split for its common shares on August 31, 2018.