CEO Message

CEO Message

To Our Shareholders,

IR Japan, a unique equity consulting company operating on the stage of the world’s capital markets, has established Japan Originated Investment Bank (JOIB) to break new ground as an optimal partner for listed companies in Japan embarking on an era of major restructuring.

Japan’s economy is currently entering an era of major restructuring that is transcending industries and business categories. With the Tokyo Stock Exchange reorganizing its market sections and revising the Corporate Governance Code, listed companies in particular have no choice but to begin a phase of drastic transformation they had postponed until today. As the saying goes, “offense is the best defense,” and it will be extremely important for operating companies to strengthen the offensive strategies in their capital policies and in mergers and acquisitions. At the same time, shareholder resolutions being proposed by activist investors in iconic Japanese companies are having a major impact around the world, and takeover bids to secure direct controlling ownership indicate that this momentum will only grow. Voting rights on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues also contain risks that are becoming increasingly serious issues for listed companies.

The IR Japan Group has established JOIB as a new organization that pools the talents of advanced financial advisory specialists. Going forward, we are securely positioned to make great strides as an unrivaled equity consulting partner that provides listed companies with the fastest, most precise, and most accurate analyses and solutions for merger and acquisition risk, capital risk, and ESG risk.

I ask for your continued support.

Shirou Terashita
President and Chief Executive Officer
IR Japan Holdings, Ltd.